Information For Patients

All patients need a referral to be seen by our doctors.

Parking is available at no charge.


  1. Your referrer will send us your referral.
  2. Your Specialist will triage your referral.
  3. A form will be sent to you via email for you to complete your details and confirm you are able to make your appointment.
  4. We will send a text message a day prior to your appointment to remind you of the day/time of the appointment.
  5. If you need to change the details on your referral ie. your condition is worsening, please discuss with your referrer and request an updated referral with updated details of your situation.


Please wear comfortable clothing that allows full and unrestricted access to the area of your presentation. i.e. Shorts for a lower limb injury, singlet or sports bra for a back/shoulder.

Cancellation Policy:

Please contact us at least 6 hours before your appointment if you are unable to come so that we can offer it to someone else. If we are not contacted and you do not arrive for your appointment, a $100 fee will be charged for new appointments and a $50 fee will be charged for review appointments. We are unable to rebook another appointment until these fees are paid.

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